• Add colour to pathways and lawns
  • Create a place to skip and play
  • Reflect your chosen theme - curriculum, booking characters, school houses, your locality etc



Our Totems are a great way of adding colour and excitement to your pathways , lawns and play areas.  They provide an opportunity for your children to paint a place to play!

Whether it's your school values, curriculum or love of reading you'd like to reflect, we have the ideas to help your children paint soewhere special.

We supply different shapes and sizes of totems, so whatever your theme and outdoor space, we have totems to suit.

We create the designs around your theme and run a workshop to paint them with your children on site. This is another 2 day project!

Prices for a set of 15 Totems start from as little as £250. So fill in the form at the bottom of the page to discuss your ideas and order your set of Totems.



Call us or use the enquiry form to tell us about your installation or workshop requirements and we'll be in touch very soon.


We are based in Preston, Lancashire.


Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.