Painted School Values Tree primart installation
  • Involve your whole school community
  • Communicate your school ethos
  • Brighten an indoor space
  • Celebrate British values and diversity
  • Engage children with learning difficulties
  • Enrich your curriculum



Our Trees provide a fun way for your whole school to create a unique art installation together. The project is completed on site in just 2 days! On day 1 we run your painting day and on day 2 your Tree is installed.


At 8ft high and wide our Trees make a huge and very colourful impression in foyers, halls and corridors.  If 8ft is too large, your Tree can be custom sized to fit your space and installed along a wall, in a corner or free standing.

You can order a Standard Tree kit which has one design of leaf. 

Or for something much more special, why not have a Bespoke Tree created from your children's designs?


Your bespoke Tree could reflect your ethos and values, your love of reading, your rich diversity, British values, the UK & London or British and world history. Whatever your idea, we can work with you to design a Tree to suit!

Take a look at our gallery of Trees to help you make the decision of ordering a Standard or Bespoke Tree Kit.  Then fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of the page to find out more. Prices start at £1460.

Interested in ordering a Tree?

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